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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does The Term Backflow Mean?

The term “Backflow” in the plumbing world means the water is flowing opposite of the usual or desired direction. This backward flow of the water can cause contaminated, non-potable water to enter the drinking water supply. The contaminated water can be a serious health risk for consumers using the drinking water supply. For this reason the plumbing code has required the installation of backflow prevention assemblies for a number of years.

What Is A Backflow Prevention Assembly?

A backflow prevention assembly is a mechanical device installed in a plumbing system that prevents the reverse flow (backflow) of water. These assemblies are designed to protect the potable water system from contamination. They come in many different types to meet the varying degree of applications and hazards. Two of the most common types are:

  • Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ) – This type of assembly is used for significant hazard applications where the consequences of a backflow into the drinking water system would cause significant harm or possibly death.
  • Double Check Valve Assembly (DCVA) – This type of assembly is used for non-significant hazard applications. Many are used in fire sprinkler systems where antifreeze is not used.
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Why Does A Backflow Prevention Assembly Need To Be Tested?

Backflow assemblies were designed to prevent the flow of potentially harmful substances from entering the drinking water system. They are a mechanical devices with moving parts that periodically fail. Periodic testing of the backflow assembly is required by law to assure the backflow assembly is operating properly. It is the responsibility of the drinking water system owner to insure the law is followed and the water supply is protected from contamination.

What If The Backflow Assembly Test Fails?

If the backflow assembly fails the test it means some part of the backflow device is not operating properly. Most of the time the device can be disassembled and the broken or non-functioning parts can be repaired or replaced. Our goal is to repair the device back to factory specifications to assure the greatest level of protection of the drinking water system.

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